81. Bird House

    Spoon (to hollow out Gourd)
    1 1/2" diam. drill bit (for entrance)
    Drill bit matching the diameter of your perch
    smaller drill bit (for hanging hole)
    small twig or branch for perch (optional)
    Twine, leather, or wire (for hanging)
    No VOC paint

  1. Using your 1 1/2" dril bit, drill a hole in the middle of your gourd.
  2. using your spoon or other tool, scoop out the gourd interior. (you can skip this step by purchasing a ready-made Gourd from your craft store)
  3. allow to dry
  4. measure the diameter of your perch material, using the same/similar diameter drill bit, drill a hole one inch below your entry hole.
  5. with the smallest drill bit, drill a hole in the top 1/2" on the gourd. This will be for your hanging wire.
  6. If you so choose, paint your gourd (exterior only), and allow to dry
  7. once dry, glue your perch into it's hole.
  8. thread your wire (or other material) through the top holes

Resource: Two Straight Lines


Ash said...

It's a really cute bird house. Thanks for sharing your idea. I would make some as gifts for my birds.

Zafran ali said...

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Vaiv Jais said...

Nice and creative idea to go green everywhere in your home. You can even use handmade gifts which are being made up of green and natural materials. It will really cost you nothing but some creativity and efforts.

By the way nice bird house. It's showing the great creativity.

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khushifairy said...

but from where the birds are supposed to go in?

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ty for sharing, i ll make for my garden :)

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