45. Recipe Cards


    The recipe of your choice
    This FREE downloadable recipe card [PDF]
    Card stock or Photo paper for an Inkjet Printer
    Inkjet Printer

    Download the recipe card and print it out.
    Cut out and write your recipe on the card.
    If you want to be really fancy, get some clear contact paper and laminate the front of the card. Cut out a piece of contact paper that is bigger than the card and stick it to the front, then trim off the excess.

This recipe card was designed by me and is offered free of charge for personal use only.

[Edit 12/16]—Originally this post linked to HP.com (which at the time offered a really neat online customizable recipe card maker), and a forum page at the Crafster.org website in which someone had posted free recipe card templates. Unfortunately, both sites have since removed their offerings. 


karen said...

I have been trying to use the recipe template with photo---have been able to upload photo but when I download complete personalized recipe card, the type does not come up. Any suggestions?


Ren said...


Oh, that's just too adorable. Thanks for the cuteness idea.

Recipe Cards

gowes said...
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Saidul Hoque said...

I always like the recipe cards from HP. This recipe card is also awesome and adorable.