80. Altoid iPod Speakers

For those makers among us, here's a cool use of an altoids tin and an old set of headphones (not to mention that cool little switch).

    Pair of old headphones
    2 playing cards
    2 Altoids tins
    Electrical tape
    X-acto knife
    Wire cutters

  1. Dismantle the headphones and remove the speakers.
  2. Use a pin to poke a small hole in each of two playing cards, then glue the speakers to the cards, lining up each speaker with the hole.
  3. Use the awl to poke a hole in the back of each tin, then thread the speaker wire through the holes.
  4. Reconnect the wires by twisting them together and burning the plastic coating off with a lighter. Then tape them off.
  5. Place the foam padding from the headphones inside the tins, open side up, to cushion the speakers.
  6. Trim the cards to fit inside the tins, place them inside (use glue if necessary). Note: The sound will be a little tinny.

Resource: Instructables

[Edit 12/2016]— The original project was posted on the ReadyMade website, which has since been bought by Better Homes & Gardens and has been removed. I found a page at the Instructables website that shows how to create a similar project.

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Pie-Snatcher said...

This is such a cool idea! I'm totally going to try this.

Ash said...

I wanna try this out. You've got pretty cool ideas for gifts.

gowes said...

Please fix the image, it wont show. If you have other and new handmade gift ideas please let me know

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