95. Message Stones

People's creativity never ceases to amaze me. This little gems are super easy and fun to make and can add a little light to someone's day. All you need are some smooth stones, some paint and some uplifting quotes.

Keep the quotes / phrases simple and add a little clear varnish to give them a little shimmer (and protections). Package them in a small bag with a card that says "You Rock!" and you're golden.

You'll Need:
  • Smooth stones
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes (medium and fine)
  • Non-toxic gloss varnish
  • Small bag (cotton or homemade versions work well)

  1. Choose a stone.
  2. Choose a color paint and paint the entire stone with your medium-sized brush. Let it dry.
  3. Once dry, pick a contrasting color paint and a phrase. With your small paint brush, paint the phrase on the stone.
  4. Let that dry.
  5. Add a coat of clear varnish & let that dry.
Package the stones in your small bag and add a note.